New to Momentum?


17% of Ohioans are regularly involved in a church* – Catholic, Protestant, or non­denominational. BUT here’s the kicker: Most of the other 83% are deeply interested in a relationship with God. They just don’t expect to find help from a church. They see church as boring, irrelevant, judgmental, hypocritical, and often led by creepers or pickpockets. They expect church to be – ironically – unspiritual.

That’s heartbreaking – but we totally get it. We’ve all had some of those experiences, too. And that’s why we’re starting a church for the other 83%.

Jesus taught that life is about relationships – loving God and loving people. So we try hard to make those the main objectives at Momentum.

We also believe that church should rock. And if God is the source of joy – which He claims to be – church should be kinda fun! We take God very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously at all. Momentum is a church of great live music, laughter, and a bunch of “Dang-­I-­think­-God-­really­-wanted­-me-­to-­be-­here-­today” kind of moments. We want kids who have experienced our MoKidz ministry to wake up every morning asking, “Hey, is it Sunday yet?!” We also think a church should be the “hands and feet of God” in the community – meeting needs in our schools, sports leagues, nonprofits…

As odd as it sounds – we are a church for people who don’t like church. And our #1 rule is: No perfect people allowed. Everyone at Momentum is a work­-in-­progress… and we all know it.

So we’d love for you to check out our Sunday services and/or a Mo Group this week so we can meet you in person!

* From The American Church in Crisis by David Olson