Momentum Church relies on the generosity of our members and folks around the country that believe in our mission of moving people forward to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples Who Make Disciples!

Methods of Donation

Text Donation

Text any amount to 84321 to give

  1. Send an amount (example: $5 or $1.00) to the short code 84321.
  2. If you phone number isn’t set up for text-to-give, a setup link will be sent back. Tap the setup link be guided to the next step.
  3. Select your church. A list of churches in the area will be suggested. If your phone number is recognized by Planning Center Giving, the appropriate church will be listed as a “Suggested” organization.
  4. Enter your email address and, if prompted, your name.
  5. Enter the payment method you’d like to use for text-to-give. If you’re already a donor and you’ve added a payment method before (say, a bank account for ACH or a credit card) then you can optionally log in to access your saved payment methods.
  6. Complete your initial setup donation. The initial donation, in most cases, will go to the default fund (usually the “General” fund). However, donations can be directed to more specific funds using keywords (more on that below).

If you have any questions contact Cortney Kaser.

Online Donation

You can make a donation using your ATM/Debit card. First, set up an account by clicking here and following the instructions. When your account is set up you can make a new donation, set up a recurring donation and view your giving history.

Here are the full instructions:

Go to



















Through the website, you can give a one-time gift, set up a recurring donation, or manage your profile to add new payment methods or see donor statements. You don’t even need to download a new app or create an account; simply fill out the fields, and your information will be saved in the Planning Center database.

  1. Enter the amount you’d like to give.
  2. Choose to give to one or multiple funds.
  3. Decide if this gift is One time, such as an offering given to a visiting missionary, or if it’s to be given Regularly, such as tithe, enter your email address. Select Continue to expand the section and enter your payment method.






















  1. If you’ve logged in before, log in again to give with a saved payment method.
  2. Create a payment method from a bank account by verifying the bank account from a bank login or a micro-deposit verification.
  3. Create a card payment method by entering the card number, expiration date, and CVC number.

Once you enter your payment method, you’ll be able to select the button to give and then will be taken to the confirmation page:

Select View My Donor Profile, and you’ll receive an email with a link to your profile. If you choose to Visit our Main Website, you’ll be taken to our Giving Product page to learn more about how Giving works.
















Access Donor Profile

The donor profile holds information for the donor to access at any time by logging in.


Log In

We use a passwordless login system, so people don’t have to remember their password, and their account is more secure.

Log into your profile from a confirmation page or by selecting Login at

Enter your email address to be sent a link to go to access your profile.

If you haven’t given before, you’ll need to create your profile by adding your name


Manage Information

Once you’re logged in, you can:

  1. Change your name, email address, or mailing address by using the pencil. Add other email or mailing addresses as well.
  2. If your church allows Text-to-Give, you’ll see how to give using just text messaging.
  3. View any payment methods you’ve used or add new ones.
  4. Add or edit any recurring donations.
  5. View your donation history by year or download a CSV file of your donation history.
  6. If your church has issued statements in the past, you can view them in your donor profile.


Do you still have questions?

Check out this article, it has a VERY helpful video – You can also find this link on our website and Facebook page.

You can also email our administrative assistant, Cortney, at

Cash Donation

Cash donations can be made on Sunday mornings using an envelope, provided by Mo (located on the Mo info table). Using the envelope allows our Finance Team to provide you with a yearly contribution statement.

Check Donation

You can mail your checks to our P.O. Box or drop the check in the offering bucket on Sunday mornings.

Automated bill payment is another method. After you have your existing bank account set up for online banking you will need to enter Momentum’s address and phone number.

Mailing Address
Momentum Christian Church
P.O. Box 25186
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

Phone: 216.662.2557

Having Issues?

If you make a mistake, contact the church office (216.MO.CALLS) or email Cortney so your situation can be handled appropriately.