Dan with some of our MoKidz
Welcome to MoKidz! (Birth-5th Grade)

Our goal is for your kids to wake up every morning, rub the crust out of their eyes, and ask, “Hey, is it Sunday yet?”

Bottom line: At Momentum – we love kids! They’re a high priority to us. And the biggest reason we really value children is because Jesus valued children.

What goes on in MoKidz?

While you are learning and worshiping with the “big people,” you have the opportunity of letting your kids interact with other children their ages — playing games, learning worship songs, constructing crafts, and hearing stories with timeless lessons from the Bible: Adam & Eve, Noah, Esther, David & Goliath, the life and teachings of Jesus (i.e., The Golden Rule – “Do to others what you would want them to do to you.”), the original Christmas and Easter stories, and tons of other great scriptures that will help your little pal grow closer to God. You can totally keep your kids with you in the main auditorium – but they would definitely learn more in MoKidz, because the lessons are geared towards kids.


Your kids’ security is Mo’s biggest concern. We want kids to be safe…and parents to be worry-free.

When you arrive in MoKidz, our check-in team members will greet you. If you are a first time guest, they will provide you with a form to fill out. Please fill this out as completely as possible. This will ensure that we have all the emergency contact info we need, plus it will allow us to get to know your family better.

Each child will receive a security tag that they will wear while in MoKidz. You will receive a tag with a corresponding number. When you pick up your child, our MoKidz team will check to make sure the numbers match. And if your kids need you – the number on their MoKidz nametag (given to you a check-in) will show up on the screen in main service so you can come to their room.

All MoKidz volunteers have thorough background checks done before they are allowed to volunteer with the children. And no one will be able to wander into the kids’ classes without going through our security checkpoints.

MoKidz during production
Our Classes

Our children’s classes are broken down as follows:

  • Birth to Crawlers
  • Walkers to 2 Years Old
  • 3 Years Old to Pre-K
  • Kindergarten to 5th Grade

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Wanna Help?
Wanna help move kids (and parents) forward to love God, love people and make disciples who make disciples? Email Lauren for volunteer information!

For more info, call the church office: 216-Mo-Calls (216-662-2557) or email Cortney Kaser.